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2010-07-13 18:23:02 by ShadeTheDark

So, yeah... Im officially creating now the WCA (World conquest association) which basically goes arounds the new Darklord Leo of Chaos, who is a lazy-ass Darklord who even tough has LOTS of universes conquered doesnt really feel like doing anything at all.
So, one day, the supreme dark being appears before him and says that he must come to earth and take over it. Since Leo is too lazy-ass to do it himself, he gathers a team of wierd people and form the WCA, hoping to take over earth and go back to his dimension so that he can live his peaceful dark lazy-ass life.
However, the supreme light being also sends an angel to watch over the Darklord and make sure he doesnt mess stuff up on earth... Then, he joins forces with a freaky cyborg, a wierd sith, a hyperactive ninja and a vampire hunter to take over our world. Hows that going to turn out?